jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

A strange world

Llevo media hora intentando traducirlo y no hay manera de mantener la forma, ni el estilo, ni la sonoridad, ni el ritmo, ni nada. En inglés lo escribí y en inglés se queda:

A strange world

I've learnt the colour of children's bowels
blown out by the dark man with his belt,
and the officer, and the knight, and the leader,
they taught it to me on their TV.

I've read about all that burnings,
I watch videos on citybusting,
there's a nuke hiding behind those walls.

I've seen the butchered woman,
I've heard the victim's screams
I've soaked my fingers in all their suffering
and that crazy guy is begging for help.

Look at the old man, dying without a doctor
notice that Ma'ma, she's starving in her hut.
Two million hacked, let's buy another cell phone!
I'll tell you something, I never ran out of gas!

But it's me who is insane
there's someone who wants to sue me
because I love you in a different way.

Let me tell you something, this is a funny place,
a strange world that I cannot understand.

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Al Hrrera dijo...

So fucking good

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